1. DO follow the well-known format we use strictly.
  2. DO NOT try to actively break the verification bot.
  3. DO NOT try to harass the admins of keymaker.
  4. DO NOT apply if your server hosts any of the following things:
    • Racism related content of any kind
    • Homophobia or other form of LGBTQ+ phobia related content of any kind
    • Any kind of Nazi related content (Including denying Holocaust or similiar)
    • Other illegal things that are either illegal in the Server location or are in Germany as Keymaker is hosted in Germany.
  5. DO follow the well-known format we use strictly:
    • Ask if you need a new category BEFORE adding it to your well-known file.
    • DO NOT use HTML inside of the well-known JSON.
  6. DO add a proper description
  7. DO add atleast a small set of rules
  8. DO NOT use a logo that fits in any of the categories listed under 4.

Not following these rules will end in permanent removal of your server from the list.